Injection of Correction 5

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Dear Hubby,

These days you seem less excited about things between us. You say you don’t want to be treated like my little fuck toy?

Well, I used to feel that way too when you were the bigger one. But now, it’s just the other way around. Now it’s the woman who’s bigger! You’re the small one now, so it’s my turn to be in charge! That means I can just take what I want from you, anytime I want it! Your little ass is going to be my toy whenever I want! But don’t worry. I’ll make you learn to love your new position in life. Now you can watch me lift weights, you can spend more money on my new wardrobe and you can also enjoy the VBBC love shower as I spray you with my monster cock every night from here on out! You wanted a big and beautiful wife, you pushed your male agenda on me and tried to mold me into what you wanted.

You failed once I realized your plan and grew even bigger than you wanted! Now I’m ALL WOMAN and you’ve become the little man with a new reality centered around being my domesticated sex toy. Don’t resist…if you know what’s good for you!

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Submission Auditions • May 2016


A good candidate for submission is a candidate who can handle long, torturous, tiring stroke sessions! If you have proven yourself by successfully holding back your load until the end of my Cum Game clips then you are ready to suffer the ultimate game of JOI. I will provide you with instruction mixed in with a few opinions on your manhood and your jerking skills. Can you deal with a bit of humiliation while you pull on your wang? Of course you can! That’s why I’ve made this super long, ultra busty, long dick, Pay2Play, POV adventure for the true jerk off in you!

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Black Honey #2 – Extended Wetness


Are you thirsty? How about a face full of my Lady Lemonade? It’s sweet, warm and sure to hit the spot!

And since i’m such a nice person I want to make sure you are properly hydrated so I’m going to serve
you refreshments for a full 30 minutes! I want you to open wide and taste the rainbow of
Black Honey. This wet experience is for seriously thirsty, golden rain lovers who can handle drinking more than
15 different glasses of my Black Honey Lemonade!

All angles, All wet, All from me and All over your face!

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