Blue Goes ASMR for You!

Ever listen to a song or a certain noise that creates a feeling or a tingle in your head or body? Well you might be receptive to ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR is a physical sensation characterised by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp. It is commonly triggered by soft or accented voices, personal attention, ambient sounds or watching people work silently, among others.

Also referred to as “head tingles”.

Here are a few samples of my work so far in this area of sensual sounds and tingly feelings!

All the Moans – Full version

[F] [F4M] [friends] [moans] [sighs] [breathing] [mutual masturbation] [handjob] [orgasm]

Most girls will just make any kinds of noises at random and that I like to use my moaning voice more deliberately. Sort of to make you–er, I mean guys in general–feel exactly the way I want them to feel. And I’d be more than happy to do that for you. Does that come close to what you had in mind?


FemDom Break In (Full Version)

written by Poli_Son A beautiful woman breaks into your home and takes you through a series of submissive fantasies. This version includes background music, double layered whispering and some sound fx.

Train Madness 

Written by and courtesy of “Scriptmaker”. “A man hears a womans voice on a train and she proceeds to direct him.” SFX included – train sounds, whispering, ASMR

Aural Blue ASMR Hypnotic Induction

A female dominant themed induction for a smooth and relaxing, trance-like state of mind. For more ASMR you may find me at –


Are you interested in a bit of ASMR for a custom made video? Contact me now and let’s excite your senses in every way imaginable!


Models Unwanted – VB Storytime

Sometimes hiring a model to work in the adult world can be kind of crazy. People com from all walks of life and the majority of them have more than a few unrealistic expectations (Dreams) about how things work when they walk through the doors of entertainment! Watch and learn how to NOT be hired if you decide to try it for yourself!

I’m a SextPanther -Let’s Sext Now!


Do you find yourself texting without the dirty words? Boring!!!

Let’s change that today!

Text with me from your phone to my phone on SextPanther right now!

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Vanessa Blue aka Domina X on 

Being dominated by the Ultimate Goddess has never been easier than this!

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Kanye West Goes Crazy or Kardashian Cursed ?

What in the world is going on with Kanye West?
In his latest fit of ego he’s cancelled his entire tour and warned his audience of the dangers of social networks and his fear of Jay-Z’s hitmen. WTF?

How does a man go from poetry and pussy to a 51/50 Psycho hold?

Is there something magical about the Kardashian coochie that drives men insane?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or on Youtube and let’s discuss!



Then I had an afterthought about the Kanye situation. Nothing definitive but an interesting possibility I wanted to share with you.

My question in this video- Is Kanye really crazy right now or is he a genius with great acting skills and a plan?
Is Kim K’s you-know-what so good that it can leave a man 53 million dollars in the hole?

I’m asking this question because I’m having trouble believing this story considering all of the details surrounding the Kim-Ye drama.

Warning- I am totally aware many of you will think I’m wrong for this one but hear me out before you yell at me in the comment section! LOL!

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VB Speaks – My Last Work of Lust On Film

Answering the question – What was my last adult film and when was it created. Warning- you may not like the answer to this one unless you like the other stuff that I’m known for! LOL

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Interracial Dating – BWWM

What are your thoughts on dating someone outside your race?

Do you care that others do it?

Or do you find anger and frustration at the thought of racial-mixing of any sort?

Apparently, there are quite a few people that hate the idea of certain kinds of racial integration, black women and white men in particular. So why the rage and what’s the big fuckin’ deal with who’s bangin’ who?

Below are a few clips from people discussing BWWM issues.

Christelyn Karazin and the “Swirl” movement.



and a little slideshow to give you an idea of what BWWM looks like from a slideshow perspective!


And a fav Blogger of mine, Onision, who discusses the global racism against the looks of Black Women. This is one of the reasons we end up dating outside our race- to feel beautiful in the eyes of another when black men and mainstream media unapologetically regard all black women as being unattractive.

Much of the media found discussing this topic is too hate-filled to share on my blog but with a simple search you can easily find plenty of bitter commentary from black men who are not happy with the idea of IR dating for black women. Why is this?

Frankly, I’m surprised to see just how much public rage some men have for black women in general….Perhaps you’ve seen this anomaly before and can share some clues with the rest of us so we can gain some understanding together!

I have my feelings and beliefs on this topic, what’s yours?

Share your opinion with me in the comments or on my YT channel and let’s discuss it!

Vanessa Blue Speaks

Let’s Talk About Us!

I know I’ve been slow on the blog updates- I’ve been living life and taking a break from the world of XXX. Sometimes you gotta step back, put your panties back on and sniff a few flowers!

After some much needed rest, I’m back and trying something new.

A new video VLOG!  (-and no, it’s not about science or outer space!)

Since leaving the hardcore-performance lifestyle far behind I’ve become more aware of the things we are all going through in life on a sexual level. Ups, downs and inside out, we’ve all got something in the real world that peaks our curiosities or polarizes us to extremes. Over the last 10 years I’ve found out so much about people who don’t live the way alot of us porn folk do- freely & shamelessly. From having sex to simply understanding the opposite sex, I’ve been amazed at how difficult human interaction can be for so many.

So instead of sharing my freedoms with friends I decided to start a mini-show/vlog/diary so we can share our experiences and freedoms with others all over the globe!

Check out my new YT clips and enjoy some of my music, my book narrations, thoughts and story-time moments never heard before! This is a chance to see one more side of my inner Gemini you already know so well!

Got a question for me or a show suggestion you’d like to see? Just leave me a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

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