Imagination for Ejaculation

Although I know this would have been a financially fruitless idea, if I ever had a magazine publishing house I would’ve made mags like Oprah!

Same face, different poses with zero concern for the consideration of other models being featured on the cover of my book! LOL!

Could you imagine seeing these covers next to Vogue, Nat Geo or Popular Science while being stuck in a long checkout line?

Would you unapologetically browse through a few pages while being judged by the soccer moms or bathe in the fear of ridicule and deny yourself a peek inside?



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On Your Knees…


Whenever the Goddess sees

The perfect worm who seeks the key

She’ll make him beg to feed her greed

Her lust for “want” becomes his “need”

Beneath her ass, he’ll struggle to breathe

Her strap destroys his plan to breed

The ultimate worship of VBBC

You’ll pay to play

Til your Goddess is pleased.

For heaven is found, down “On Your Knees”.


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Gifs from the Goddess May 16 2016


Liquid Zipper

Hello Fuckboys! I want you to watch me because I know you love my body and truthfully you couldn’t manage if I were I to be with you in person. My clothes, my heels, my stockings, all bought by you and enhanced by me! My tits are squeezed into my tight, slippery dress and each breast is covered up with an entrance of sorts. A zipper. Many zippers. Too many for you to get your hands on. So you will watch as I slide my zippers up and down over my massive tits. Will my nipples be exposed or will you be left hanging on for that moment of ultimate pleasure as I tease you with well over 10 minutes of cock-rising cock-teasing? Once the zipper play is done I will slow things down even more by drooling all over my massive breasts! There is so much liquid flowing from my mouth that you will find much trouble in keeping your cum inside your cock & balls. My big lips and my curves have never failed at getting you wet so I know you will appreciate the chance to watch me covered in my own spit and my mouth becoming an endless fountain of saliva. This video contains slow motion shots of streams of my oral waterfall as it spills over my lips, chin and down to my 36H cup tits You can’t wait to cum but you won’t cum until I say because we both know who owns your cock. And since your cock is my cock I want you to stroke slow like you were trying to win the lottery of lust! I will always give you a countdown to assist you in a perfectly timed ball draining that will always leave you addicted and begging for more!


Giant Goddess – Gulp and Grow

Good morning honey, I’ve got news for you- It’s time for me to get into the gym and work my hot body out again. I know how much you love it when I keep myself together. A hard body makes for a hard cock, right? The exercise is good for me but you seem to be having a problem with how I am going about things. Well, unfortunately I could care less after the way you’ve treated me as your submissive and loving wife. You always think women are weaker and only good enough to serve a man. But behind closed doors we both know that you truly desire to see me get bitchy and bigger, not smaller and weaker. So with your money I’ve purchased more growth hormone pills and boy are they working! Everyday I hit the gym eat my pills and grow taller with each workout session! On day one I grew well over 5 inches, can you believe that?! This is great for me and with my aggressive and addictive personality I may end up making these growing pills my only source of food!

Pills and the gym! The gym and pills! Just like before, the pills make me horny, bigger and more determined to make a mini-man out of you! You can stay home, cook, clean and surf the internet while I work up a sweat at the gym with my hot instructor.  It’s my new obsession and with each passing day my desire grows even more beyond control! Secretly, you love what’s happening and neither of us can believe how the pills have even made my big cock bigger than ever!! And don’t worry about the fact that I am swallowing so many pills all the time, they’re packed with vitamins so I’m pretty sure they’re as safe as candy! Just know that I’m horny, ready and your ass had better be willing to service my cock whenever I fucking want! Remember little hubby you have no choice but to comply since I am now bigger than life! Can you handle my sex drive and my now massive bitch-stick? Try not to faint when I measure it for you, ok?

And my love, no matter what happens during this time, I know you will accept and love me because if you don’t I will have no choice but to destroy your ass and mouth with my drool-tool! Can you handle this new life of yours or will you fail as my little lover? *******************This is a full-length custom video featuring strap-on play, giantess and growth-fetish


The Drools of Submission

The strange voice in the room has spoken and has mesmerized me into following it’s commands. The first command is to tease you with my body by showing it off to you. I may move sensually but you know that I am under the spell of this voice that has changed me from being a bitch to a beguiling beauty of gentle passion! Next this voice commands me to reveal my body for you to see and enjoy. When the voice is happy with that I have satisfied the demands it orders me to cover my massive tits with fountains of my drool!   Download this one if you enjoy a tiny bit of power exchange POV with your Queen, DVB!  Watch this one for the surprise ending, just for my true Blue, femdom friendlies!


Gifts For the Goddess – Furry Lust

Your Goddess loves gifts, gift cards and tributes!


If the gift is right I will even take the time to say thank you!

Unless your gift is too small for words…



Translation: Keep your tiny cock inside your pants for now and let’s get naughty with your wallet!


A wonderful gift such as this requires a gif or two to show my appreciation!

You know who you are and I Thank You Dear Luv and I will wear your gift with a smile as big as my tits!