Blue Goes ASMR for You!

Ever listen to a song or a certain noise that creates a feeling or a tingle in your head or body? Well you might be receptive to ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR is a physical sensation characterised by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp. It is commonly triggered by soft or accented voices, personal attention, ambient sounds or watching people work silently, among others.

Also referred to as “head tingles”.

Here are a few samples of my work so far in this area of sensual sounds and tingly feelings!

All the Moans – Full version

[F] [F4M] [friends] [moans] [sighs] [breathing] [mutual masturbation] [handjob] [orgasm]

Most girls will just make any kinds of noises at random and that I like to use my moaning voice more deliberately. Sort of to make you–er, I mean guys in general–feel exactly the way I want them to feel. And I’d be more than happy to do that for you. Does that come close to what you had in mind?


FemDom Break In (Full Version)

written by Poli_Son A beautiful woman breaks into your home and takes you through a series of submissive fantasies. This version includes background music, double layered whispering and some sound fx.

Train Madness 

Written by and courtesy of “Scriptmaker”. “A man hears a womans voice on a train and she proceeds to direct him.” SFX included – train sounds, whispering, ASMR

Aural Blue ASMR Hypnotic Induction

A female dominant themed induction for a smooth and relaxing, trance-like state of mind. For more ASMR you may find me at –


Are you interested in a bit of ASMR for a custom made video? Contact me now and let’s excite your senses in every way imaginable!


Hypno-Erotica for Newbies

Ever considered going under?

I mean erotic hypnosis!

A world where your sex drive is based on mind control!

Can you imagine a world where a mindfuck is deeper than penetration and more orgasmic than ejaculation?

Maybe you should consider  taking a dive into the world of mind control!

There’s nothing quite like the forced relaxation that a soothing voice can provide your savage soul.

Listen to one of my older hypnotic-erotic-trance clips. Nothing nefarious and nothing you can’t handle, I promise.

All you need to do is relax, grab your headphones and make sure the door is locked just in case you get lost in the hypnotic fog!
Position your screen to view either the GIF or the video and allow your eyes to take in both images…and enjoy!