A Big, Long, Telescopic Thank You

Hello All!

I wanted to drop a little note to whoever purchased this lovely lens from my wish list! vb2600mmlensFor those of you wondering what this is, it’s a super long, super sweet, telephoto lens. It’s like a telescope that I can connect to my Canon camera. This thing can see stuff pretty far out and this allows me to capture photos of space oddities and our natural satellites rotating the earth (the moon, stars and shit like that!)


Find the Blue Balls and the Sun!

Find the Blue Balls and the Sun!

Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky- Do you see her mouth, chin, 2 eyes, nose, high cheekbones & wild hair?

Only thing is, now I have 2 of the same lenses. Different manufacturers but same focal length…Which is ok with me because I can now see two places at the same friggin’ time! Hopefully this lens will work with my older Canon and if not I’ll have to see if I can find a telephoto-to-iphone lens adapter.

Meanwhile, A sista needs a serious tripod now to handle these lenses, and they’re really heavy! Almost as heavy as my tits! …almost!


iPhone/iPad photos of the SunBuddy

These lenses are serious, weighing in at a hefty 4.4lbs. Once my camera is added the total weight becomes well over 5 pounds. I need a really strong, hardcore tripod with a quick-release option. Something with a ball-head or an easy pan/rotate fluid-head that can handle this kind of deep, dark, space exploration, with precision!

I repeat- Thank you again to whomever thinks so highly of me!  I took a few shots of myself and this beauty of a lens for you so you can see my gratitude and I hope you enjoy the stars as much as I do! vbmoon1

More sky pics coming soon using this lens, currently the weather isn’t warm enough outside to point this thing towards random stars just yet. But when the weather permits I’ll be a space-exploring junkie!

And I three-peat my repeat: Thank you again, secret person! -HUGS!

Fin-More ••• Findom Poetry

Tonight, as I lay thinking here,
the Fin-sluts begged to sniff my rear!
They begged to pay me all night long
their wallets shrank as their debts grew long!
Can FinSluts pay to be my tool?
Can FinSluts fill my money pool?
Do Finsluts want to be beat up?
Are FinSluts ready to fill my cup?
Do broken FinSluts ever cry?
Would FinSlut payments ever die?
Do FinSluts cum to give me cash?
Do FinSluts need financial smash?
What can the FinSlut do for me?
Oh where, my FinSlut, can you be?
What if my FinSlut pays too much?
What if my FinSlut wants to touch?
I think the FinSlut would never dare.
Can dreaming FinSluts pay my fare?
What if the FinSlut get’s found out?
Can FinDomme ruin orgasmic doubt ?
Do FinSluts ooze financial honey?
Are FinSluts born to give me money?

My wallet expands,

your shrinking begins,

as the rock hard FinSlut pays again!



See the full video here- STEAL FOR ME 



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Gifts For the Goddess – Furry Lust

Your Goddess loves gifts, gift cards and tributes!


If the gift is right I will even take the time to say thank you!

Unless your gift is too small for words…



Translation: Keep your tiny cock inside your pants for now and let’s get naughty with your wallet!


A wonderful gift such as this requires a gif or two to show my appreciation!

You know who you are and I Thank You Dear Luv and I will wear your gift with a smile as big as my tits!