VB Speaks – My Last Work of Lust On Film

Answering the question – What was my last adult film and when was it created. Warning- you may not like the answer to this one unless you like the other stuff that I’m known for! LOL

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Let’s Talk About Us!

I know I’ve been slow on the blog updates- I’ve been living life and taking a break from the world of XXX. Sometimes you gotta step back, put your panties back on and sniff a few flowers!

After some much needed rest, I’m back and trying something new.

A new video VLOG!  (-and no, it’s not about science or outer space!)

Since leaving the hardcore-performance lifestyle far behind I’ve become more aware of the things we are all going through in life on a sexual level. Ups, downs and inside out, we’ve all got something in the real world that peaks our curiosities or polarizes us to extremes. Over the last 10 years I’ve found out so much about people who don’t live the way alot of us porn folk do- freely & shamelessly. From having sex to simply understanding the opposite sex, I’ve been amazed at how difficult human interaction can be for so many.

So instead of sharing my freedoms with friends I decided to start a mini-show/vlog/diary so we can share our experiences and freedoms with others all over the globe!

Check out my new YT clips and enjoy some of my music, my book narrations, thoughts and story-time moments never heard before! This is a chance to see one more side of my inner Gemini you already know so well!

Got a question for me or a show suggestion you’d like to see? Just leave me a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

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Injection of Correction 5

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Dear Hubby,

These days you seem less excited about things between us. You say you don’t want to be treated like my little fuck toy?

Well, I used to feel that way too when you were the bigger one. But now, it’s just the other way around. Now it’s the woman who’s bigger! You’re the small one now, so it’s my turn to be in charge! That means I can just take what I want from you, anytime I want it! Your little ass is going to be my toy whenever I want! But don’t worry. I’ll make you learn to love your new position in life. Now you can watch me lift weights, you can spend more money on my new wardrobe and you can also enjoy the VBBC love shower as I spray you with my monster cock every night from here on out! You wanted a big and beautiful wife, you pushed your male agenda on me and tried to mold me into what you wanted.

You failed once I realized your plan and grew even bigger than you wanted! Now I’m ALL WOMAN and you’ve become the little man with a new reality centered around being my domesticated sex toy. Don’t resist…if you know what’s good for you!

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Submission Auditions • May 2016


A good candidate for submission is a candidate who can handle long, torturous, tiring stroke sessions! If you have proven yourself by successfully holding back your load until the end of my Cum Game clips then you are ready to suffer the ultimate game of JOI. I will provide you with instruction mixed in with a few opinions on your manhood and your jerking skills. Can you deal with a bit of humiliation while you pull on your wang? Of course you can! That’s why I’ve made this super long, ultra busty, long dick, Pay2Play, POV adventure for the true jerk off in you!

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Big Tits For Little Losers

You’ve had a dream of me and in this midnight fantasy I’ve got HUGE tits! They’re so freaking big it’s nearly outrageous! Look at me all big and round and sexy up top. My shirt barely fits and my skirt is too tight to bend over!

Unfortunately, for you even in your dreams you still won’t be able to handle me or be man enough to get inside of me. But since this is all in your head I will let you show me how much of a man you can be to tease me and seduce me into banging your brains out!

So dream on little worm, it’s time to rest your busy mind and put your cock to work! Are you ready for this super busty wet dream?

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Hypno-Erotica for Newbies

Ever considered going under?

I mean erotic hypnosis!

A world where your sex drive is based on mind control!

Can you imagine a world where a mindfuck is deeper than penetration and more orgasmic than ejaculation?

Maybe you should consider  taking a dive into the world of mind control!

There’s nothing quite like the forced relaxation that a soothing voice can provide your savage soul.

Listen to one of my older hypnotic-erotic-trance clips. Nothing nefarious and nothing you can’t handle, I promise.

All you need to do is relax, grab your headphones and make sure the door is locked just in case you get lost in the hypnotic fog!
Position your screen to view either the GIF or the video and allow your eyes to take in both images…and enjoy!

Black Honey #2 – Extended Wetness


Are you thirsty? How about a face full of my Lady Lemonade? It’s sweet, warm and sure to hit the spot!

And since i’m such a nice person I want to make sure you are properly hydrated so I’m going to serve
you refreshments for a full 30 minutes! I want you to open wide and taste the rainbow of
Black Honey. This wet experience is for seriously thirsty, golden rain lovers who can handle drinking more than
15 different glasses of my Black Honey Lemonade!

All angles, All wet, All from me and All over your face!

Download this one because you’ve never seen this many all-brand-new scenes in one clip!

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Clips4Sale – February 2016

In 2016 my videos will be longer to make you grow stronger!!
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Steal For Me
Price: $19.99
Size: 492 MB
Length: 28 minutes
Hello Subby!

It’s a new year and I know you’re ready for an even deeper connection to mea criminal connection that will keep you trapped in my cage of lust!

Are you truly devoted to your Queen?

What have you done today to assure me of your dedication to my happiness?

Since my happiness equals your orgasm I would like to think that you have gone above and beyond the basics. But you haven’t done much more than be a complete jerk off this entire year as far as I’m concerned so now it’s time to prove your love! Subby, my little horny bitch, I want you to do the unthinkable. I want you to $TEAL for me.

That’s right, I want you to do something that has the potential to make you greater or leave you worthless. And do not be afraid, your effort will be noticed and rewarded by the success of your act or ruined by getting caught. You like the idea of sharing your sexual deviance with me so let’s expand that feeling into the rush of escaping with the goods from a high end store?

Don’t want to steal from the store to please Domina? Pussy!! Then take the vaginal route and $teal from your wife, friends and family! Steal their jewelry, pawn wifey’s wedding ring, sell the family car and send the monies to your Goddess!

While you cannot bend your knees before my eyes to kiss my feet, know that your money is a fabulous substitute for your Domina in place of your absence. For clarity of my commands I have included various forms of myself from Witch to Pimp so that my words will reach the appropriate areas of your unfocused brain. When I am done with you prepare to be mind fucked in every aspect of your daily life and discover the only solution is to $TEAL for me.

I will always bring you to your knees with my feminine prowess but you will always be left standing at full attention once you taste the sweet rush of $tealing to make me happy! Do it Subby, Earn my attention, pamper me with your cash and feel the thrill of being a multi-level deviant! Warning: This video is longer than usual and contains layers of dirty words, thoughts and suggestions alongside Jerk off Instruction.


Black Honey 1
Price: $17.99
Size: 283 MB
Length: 18 minutes

Happy Holidays!

Domina has a present for you because I know you’ve been naughty fucker this yearBeing on my list means getting a gift that is made just for you to enjoy. I present you with the gift of Liquid Lust. Honey, Nectar, Rain, Mistress Milk or whatever you call it.

The gift of my Pee is exactly what you deserve and I will place you in the right spot to receive my offerings and be blessed with my Holy Water.

What will you do when you see my beautiful body and the sweet release of golden nectar rains down on you? You will follow my jerk off instruction and when the time is clear you will release every drop of seed in your body, but only when the time is right. Be prepared to get what you deserve my little toilet because when I’m done you will cum, you will unload and you will be drained.



Pussy ‘N’ Boot Worship
Price: $6.99
Size: 105 MB
Length: 7 minutes
Worship my incredibly massive boots and all that is connected to your Queen! And remember, my boots may be hot & red but my soul is cold and dark!


VBBC Injection of Correction 3
Price: $7.99
Size: 138 MB
Length: 8 minutes
Dear Hubby,

I just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know that I am thinking of you and missing you very much!I’m sure you’d like to know when you’ll be coming home from my sisters medical office so allow me to fill you in on the details!So far you have been doing well with the submission injections and their effect on you has been great!

As I’ve been told you are now even smaller and more obedient, just like I wanted! However, my sister seems to think you need a bit more time to adapt to my new massive size. I’m well over7 feet tall and my cock- well let’s just say it’s now a size that requires a fearless state of mind.

Thus, more time is required to teach you how to service all of me properly and without hesitation! As I understand she has been giving you the final doses which will make you hallucinate about my gigantic Bitch-Stick so you can feel familiar with my new growth! The medicine she provides is pricey but proven to help all shrunken husbands adjust to their new duties with orgasmic dedication!

Having you away from me all this time has also left me with a ravenous appetite for you so hang on my love. You’ve only 2 more weeks to go if you work hard and stay harder, and if you do your best I promise that I will request my sister send you back to me in a much more comfortable shoebox! LOL Anxiously awaiting your return to my in-box and my VBBC! – BigWifey


Soaked In Sin
Price: $12.99
Size: 339 MB
Length: 13 minutes
This was a custom request that is destined to become an artistic, orgasmic, masturbators dream! Dark colors, dark skin and dark overtones of sex fill the next 12 minutes of your life. Listen to this with headphones and in a dark room so you can enjoy the sounds of my voice and achieve the best focus on my body while you struggle to hold back your load!

My breasts are so big they fill the screen and take over your thoughts. Soon enough the will be covered in pools of endless drool. My lips are full and you will work to control your load when you see my perfect breasts dripping with perfection. What would you give to lay at my feet and be covered with my love rain?

My sultry talk will explain your unstoppable lust for looking at huge breast like mine and I will guide you as always, telling you when to stroke and I promise the speed of your movements will always be right. Even if you cum before the end you will explode knowing that you have more to give!

This video will be different and deeper for you each time as your brain tunes in to the multiple voices of your Goddess that will entice your senses with filthy words and the sounds of sex. Which version of lusty sounds will you hear the first time you surrender yourself to me in this erotic, cinematic dedication to my big-fuckin-tits? -Enjoy



Price: $10.99
Size: 189 MB
Length: 11 minutes
What could be better than an opportunity to worship my body? A chance to worship my body AND cum is certainly a better option and you have earned the delight of being with me as you stroke your cock to completion.

Watch this one closely since there will be a filthy countdown that will leave you drained, as always. 10 minutes of teasing and taunting you with my big tits and dirty mouthy I know you will enjoy this one all the way through.