VB Speaks – My Last Work of Lust On Film

Answering the question – What was my last adult film and when was it created. Warning- you may not like the answer to this one unless you like the other stuff that I’m known for! LOL

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Let’s Talk About Us!

I know I’ve been slow on the blog updates- I’ve been living life and taking a break from the world of XXX. Sometimes you gotta step back, put your panties back on and sniff a few flowers!

After some much needed rest, I’m back and trying something new.

A new video VLOG!  (-and no, it’s not about science or outer space!)

Since leaving the hardcore-performance lifestyle far behind I’ve become more aware of the things we are all going through in life on a sexual level. Ups, downs and inside out, we’ve all got something in the real world that peaks our curiosities or polarizes us to extremes. Over the last 10 years I’ve found out so much about people who don’t live the way alot of us porn folk do- freely & shamelessly. From having sex to simply understanding the opposite sex, I’ve been amazed at how difficult human interaction can be for so many.

So instead of sharing my freedoms with friends I decided to start a mini-show/vlog/diary so we can share our experiences and freedoms with others all over the globe!

Check out my new YT clips and enjoy some of my music, my book narrations, thoughts and story-time moments never heard before! This is a chance to see one more side of my inner Gemini you already know so well!

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Injection of Correction 5

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Dear Hubby,

These days you seem less excited about things between us. You say you don’t want to be treated like my little fuck toy?

Well, I used to feel that way too when you were the bigger one. But now, it’s just the other way around. Now it’s the woman who’s bigger! You’re the small one now, so it’s my turn to be in charge! That means I can just take what I want from you, anytime I want it! Your little ass is going to be my toy whenever I want! But don’t worry. I’ll make you learn to love your new position in life. Now you can watch me lift weights, you can spend more money on my new wardrobe and you can also enjoy the VBBC love shower as I spray you with my monster cock every night from here on out! You wanted a big and beautiful wife, you pushed your male agenda on me and tried to mold me into what you wanted.

You failed once I realized your plan and grew even bigger than you wanted! Now I’m ALL WOMAN and you’ve become the little man with a new reality centered around being my domesticated sex toy. Don’t resist…if you know what’s good for you!

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Submission Auditions • May 2016


A good candidate for submission is a candidate who can handle long, torturous, tiring stroke sessions! If you have proven yourself by successfully holding back your load until the end of my Cum Game clips then you are ready to suffer the ultimate game of JOI. I will provide you with instruction mixed in with a few opinions on your manhood and your jerking skills. Can you deal with a bit of humiliation while you pull on your wang? Of course you can! That’s why I’ve made this super long, ultra busty, long dick, Pay2Play, POV adventure for the true jerk off in you!

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Big Tits For Little Losers

You’ve had a dream of me and in this midnight fantasy I’ve got HUGE tits! They’re so freaking big it’s nearly outrageous! Look at me all big and round and sexy up top. My shirt barely fits and my skirt is too tight to bend over!

Unfortunately, for you even in your dreams you still won’t be able to handle me or be man enough to get inside of me. But since this is all in your head I will let you show me how much of a man you can be to tease me and seduce me into banging your brains out!

So dream on little worm, it’s time to rest your busy mind and put your cock to work! Are you ready for this super busty wet dream?

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