Interracial Dating – BWWM

What are your thoughts on dating someone outside your race?

Do you care that others do it?

Or do you find anger and frustration at the thought of racial-mixing of any sort?

Apparently, there are quite a few people that hate the idea of certain kinds of racial integration, black women and white men in particular. So why the rage and what’s the big fuckin’ deal with who’s bangin’ who?

Below are a few clips from people discussing BWWM issues.

Christelyn Karazin and the “Swirl” movement.



and a little slideshow to give you an idea of what BWWM looks like from a slideshow perspective!


And a fav Blogger of mine, Onision, who discusses the global racism against the looks of Black Women. This is one of the reasons we end up dating outside our race- to feel beautiful in the eyes of another when black men and mainstream media unapologetically regard all black women as being unattractive.

Much of the media found discussing this topic is too hate-filled to share on my blog but with a simple search you can easily find plenty of bitter commentary from black men who are not happy with the idea of IR dating for black women. Why is this?

Frankly, I’m surprised to see just how much public rage some men have for black women in general….Perhaps you’ve seen this anomaly before and can share some clues with the rest of us so we can gain some understanding together!

I have my feelings and beliefs on this topic, what’s yours?

Share your opinion with me in the comments or on my YT channel and let’s discuss it!

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