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2600mm of Moon…Long Lens Lust

So my inner SuperNerd has taken over and acquired a 1300mm and 2600mm lens for my Canon to take some pictures of the incredible sky! It’s a super sweet lens but hopefully I won’t regret not holding out for dreams of a photo-telescopic lens with auto-focus….fantasies….

Regardless, I snapped a few shots the other night and wanted to share with you guys who are interested!

The moon is mysterious and addicting to observe and capture. Just think how good I’ll be once I learn how to keep the darn thing in center-frame!! OMG.

For now, I’m happy with my Hi-quality, Superzoom, Off-To-The-Side, Multi-color, Over/Under Exposed, half-Moon! I promise that you won’t have to see much of the crooked moon because I WILL get this lens figured out and properly dominated! :))

Unfortunately, If I keep this shit up I’m gonna have to start another blog just to put all these pics, vids, news and oddities someplace…Not certain that DominaX is the place for all these things but if you have a suggestion or advice feel free to shoot me a short note about it via email or leave a comment below!

Even if I don’t respond I do appreciate and read all of it.

For the rest of you, don’t trip- There’s gonna be a new update on C4S today featuring another fabulous VBBC compilation as well as some new updates coming this week to VB.com and FemDomX.com. Stay tuned!

VB Odd Sun

No edits, just me and the odd Sun…Strange huh?