Never Forget…Real Music

I woke up this morning with a few songs heavy in my head and I thought I’d share my mental musical mashup with you!







Let us never forget, once in this world there was some really great music that we could all enjoy…

We took it for granted and look what we have to deal with now? Can you imagine being 90 with some of these current artists trapped in your memories. Who wants to label todays lyrical garbage as the ‘music of our lives’?  The thought makes my ears bleed.

Sorry for the musical downer, but I had to share.

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Tripod Tripped Out and More

Oh boy it must be Christmas for your favorite Domme! So a tripod has arrived and I LOVE IT! A glorious THANK YOU to whomever thinks I deserved a tripod! I deserve more than that, but dammit this is a helluva start! LOL!

IMG_5072 IMG_5073

Sadly, my inner nerd is doing better than my allergies. Coincidentally, I happen to be photographing the Nebulas & Sun while having to breathe into a Nebulizer for a little while. Don’t know what a Nebulizer is? I didn’t know either till now and let me tell you- it really blows. LOL

It’s expected that this will be temporary and I can stop once the weather improves. Although I’m thinking it won’t be happening soon since they are obviously making fake clouds for whatever reason and that could be a contributing factor. Oh well, back to the good stuff now-


Nonetheless, I’ve had lots of time to dig around the net for crazy and interesting stuff and I’ve taken a peek at all the goodies at Google patents…Unreal and crazy and FUQ!

*Did you know there is a patent for a “Death Star” a.k.a A “Dispersed, Space Based Laser Weapon“?

*Did you know there is a patent for “cooling off the earth by nuclear bomb or redirecting an asteroid to slam into the earth“?

*Did you know they possibly “dispose of Nuclear waste by dumping it between major tectonic plates“? That’s wild considering the fact that there’s a few major oil storage wells placed right on top of active earthquake faults! One of those storage wells just experienced the largest leak on the globe in Porter Ranch, California! That sounds nice right? A nuclear waste earthquake…yep. Real nice.

*Ever read the patent info regarding the use of artificial clouds for warfare?

Yes, this shit really exists!

Y’all better get to fuckin’, laughing’ and livin’!

Humanity is fuckin’ whacked out and this shit goes on while they distract us with bullshit news, social media, drugs and gossip.

But since it’s kinda late in the game to bitch about it let’s just watch porn, enjoy this life and have as many orgasms as time will allow!

I Love All of You. HUGS!

A Big, Long, Telescopic Thank You

Hello All!

I wanted to drop a little note to whoever purchased this lovely lens from my wish list! vb2600mmlensFor those of you wondering what this is, it’s a super long, super sweet, telephoto lens. It’s like a telescope that I can connect to my Canon camera. This thing can see stuff pretty far out and this allows me to capture photos of space oddities and our natural satellites rotating the earth (the moon, stars and shit like that!)


Find the Blue Balls and the Sun!

Find the Blue Balls and the Sun!

Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky- Do you see her mouth, chin, 2 eyes, nose, high cheekbones & wild hair?

Only thing is, now I have 2 of the same lenses. Different manufacturers but same focal length…Which is ok with me because I can now see two places at the same friggin’ time! Hopefully this lens will work with my older Canon and if not I’ll have to see if I can find a telephoto-to-iphone lens adapter.

Meanwhile, A sista needs a serious tripod now to handle these lenses, and they’re really heavy! Almost as heavy as my tits! …almost!


iPhone/iPad photos of the SunBuddy

These lenses are serious, weighing in at a hefty 4.4lbs. Once my camera is added the total weight becomes well over 5 pounds. I need a really strong, hardcore tripod with a quick-release option. Something with a ball-head or an easy pan/rotate fluid-head that can handle this kind of deep, dark, space exploration, with precision!

I repeat- Thank you again to whomever thinks so highly of me!  I took a few shots of myself and this beauty of a lens for you so you can see my gratitude and I hope you enjoy the stars as much as I do! vbmoon1

More sky pics coming soon using this lens, currently the weather isn’t warm enough outside to point this thing towards random stars just yet. But when the weather permits I’ll be a space-exploring junkie!

And I three-peat my repeat: Thank you again, secret person! -HUGS!

2600mm of Moon…Long Lens Lust

So my inner SuperNerd has taken over and acquired a 1300mm and 2600mm lens for my Canon to take some pictures of the incredible sky! It’s a super sweet lens but hopefully I won’t regret not holding out for dreams of a photo-telescopic lens with auto-focus….fantasies….

Regardless, I snapped a few shots the other night and wanted to share with you guys who are interested!

The moon is mysterious and addicting to observe and capture. Just think how good I’ll be once I learn how to keep the darn thing in center-frame!! OMG.

For now, I’m happy with my Hi-quality, Superzoom, Off-To-The-Side, Multi-color, Over/Under Exposed, half-Moon! I promise that you won’t have to see much of the crooked moon because I WILL get this lens figured out and properly dominated! :))

Unfortunately, If I keep this shit up I’m gonna have to start another blog just to put all these pics, vids, news and oddities someplace…Not certain that DominaX is the place for all these things but if you have a suggestion or advice feel free to shoot me a short note about it via email or leave a comment below!

Even if I don’t respond I do appreciate and read all of it.

For the rest of you, don’t trip- There’s gonna be a new update on C4S today featuring another fabulous VBBC compilation as well as some new updates coming this week to and Stay tuned!

VB Odd Sun

No edits, just me and the odd Sun…Strange huh?

Asteroids, Comets and Planets! Oh My!

Well your favorite Domina has been nursing some major allergies thanks to the weather changes and frankly I feel like poop! Sneezing, watery eyes and needing tissues are the bulk of my days until the dust and pollen settle down, blah for me. Bad for you since I can’t really make videos while I sound and feel like this…sorry.

However, this time has left me with more free moments to capture my favorite subject on camera…the sky. And the doggy. But he’s not so cooperative these days either and I think asking him to hold still for 10-20 photos while in the hot sun is a bit too much for him right now. So that only leaves me with a ready, willing and able sky!
*Photo Gif#1*
I hope you guys don’t mind me sharing the ultra-nerd that lives inside of me but this shit is just too juicy to keep to myself since I know a few of you are also nerds and love data just as much as I do!
*Photo Gif#2*

So my latest sky find has been quite amazing, if I do say so myself!
Nothing bigger than an 18 wheeler though, so chill out! LOL!

Let me first say that I don’t think anything is gonna hit the earth…But that shit is gonna be hella close! And when I say close I’m mean close enough for viewing and maybe even bring a few friends in it’s path.
*Photo Gif#3*

Nasa/JPL has been altering/changing/adjusting their data regarding some of these things along with new planetary visits through our solar system and it’s making me super-curious!! Also makes me rummage through all of my old sky pics for anomalous goodies!

So below are a few of the fly-bys according to the eyes on the sky- enjoy this page cause I’ll be removing at the end of the month!
Please click on links to view on new page or right-click to save:

2013 TX68 (big one)

2010 FX9

2016 BC14


Just think, our daily devaluation of others could easily be wiped away if we knew just how vulnerable we really are, equally.
But I suppose it’s more fun to be mindless and focus on stuff that really matters like elections and TMZ-style gossip. Right?

So fuck it, let’s indulge, drink, fuck and be merry!

Southern Cali is All Gas, No Pump

In case you were busy, you may have missed the news of the Porter Ranch gas leak. Folks say this is a bigger disaster than the BP Oil Spill…except that this fuckup is on LAND. In the middle of an affluent community, no less.

Did I forget to mention this is ancient oil well is connected to other GAS WELLS BENEATH ALL OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY?

I probably also forgot to mention that SoCal Gas removed the safety valve a long time ago, years ago. They chose to save their money, skip that slightly important  shut-off valve, and allow an entire community to be built within breathing distance of this silent Hill of Horrors…

At first I didn’t think much of this issue since Porter Ranch is a place with rich folks. I was so sure they would get the royal treatment in a hurry. Boy was I super wrong, and imagine the shock of reading that there isn’t even a way to stop the leak!

Hopefully it won’t require a Nuke to close it up like they did in the USSR…

My anger is because I used to live around this area. This area is basically Porn Valley! I know many porn folks that currently live or work in this area even as I type this.

For so many years I, like the folks of Porter Ranch, had no idea that I lived in the zone of a Superfund site, The Santa Susana Field Lab, aka “Rocketdyne”.

So close that I’d visited the contaminated park more than once. I saw the hillside right outside my window, daily!

I’ve moved away from there but that does not mean I have escaped the long term effects of living around buried, nuclear waste.

The sad part of all of it is that the Gas Company, like Rocketdyne, will keep lying to protect their financial interests. While everyday Southern California continues to be blanketed by an invisible fog of unknown shit that’s gonna make a lot of people very sick or worse.

This is another one of those fucked up things where the media says almost NOTHING. People like us can only speculate on the potential damage, but the ingredients of this Methane shit-spray is anyone’s guess because there’s NO way SoCal Gas is gonna tell anyone the truth.

But isn’t it nice that after a few months of methane spray, thousands of home/school evacuations, sudden homelessness and thirsty lawyers the Governor has called a “State of Emergency”? Nice!
I guess it’s a good thing that the governor’s sister happens to be a member on the board of the Socal Gas company…Nice.
They fuck up, Cali residents will pay for it in taxes, utility rate hikes, loss of homes and terminal illnesses…sounds great!

No, not great. I meant to say FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!

Recently, they claim to have added screens to capture the oily tar-looking goo that is now spewing out all over the hillside, homes and cars?

They’ve also got plans to set fire to the leaky mountainside in an effort to burn off the non-stop, volcanic gas real soon…
But let’s not worry because I know they have a plan for how to extinguish burning dirt, houses, wildlife and anything else that may catch fire…ugh.

If you are near any of this shit, please, please, please consider leaving NOW. Just because you can’t smell the stinky Mercaptan does not mean you are not inhaling, drinking and bathing in Gas, Oil, Benzene and Radon!!

Sorry for the lack of porn in this post but watching the Gas company give the shaft to Southern Cali got me heated…and not in a good way.
Be Safe. Be Aware.

The Sun and WTF is that other thing?


Ok so let me start by saying I’m not a tree-hugger or no crazy shit like that but I have become a much softer spirit thanks to my doggy. There’s just something about a cute, furry, doe-eyed, 140 pound, little baby Moose that just makes me smile. His cuteness, unfortunately, means a life in front of my cameras and being tricked into sudden photo shoots with tasty cookies. Poor Moose.

Moose in da light

Moose in da light

Oftentimes, my impromptu photos happen outdoors. Sunlight, clouds and even rain can create a great look and although I don’t share my doggy pics with you all, trust me they’re super cute!

Being in the sun also equals an opportunity to see the sky, lots of it. And I’ve been outdoors taking pics of dog and sky for more than two years now and it’s amazing the stuff I’ve seen. Scary too.

California Sun Backyard April 2015

California Sun Backyard April 2015

For those of you who haven’t heard the news, scientists believe that a new planet, comet or galactic bowling ball has entered our solar system. They’ve given it a few names like Planet X, Planet 9, Asteroid TX68, Planet WhoDaFuckKnows…What I do know is this ain’t no new planet. In fact, somewhere out there is and has always been a multitude of  planets that enter our area of surveillance for a brief time and then takes off like a thief in the night. This thief is near the sun and hopefully just passing by in silence. Nonetheless, I wanted to share my bright and curious videos with you guys. I’ve been recording this stuff over the last few days.

Colorized Clouds grow and block the Sunlight Feb 2016

Colorized Clouds grow and block the Sunlight Feb 2016

So it seems that staring into the sun though my camera while risking my fragile vision has unknowingly paid off! It’s super cool to see this thing on my own, while science know-it-all’s are looking through high end telescopes telling lies…Ya’ll I see this thing with my iPad mini.

XXX Pilots in the Sky Makin Cum Clouds!

XXX Pilots in the Sky Makin Cum Clouds!

If you are on the west coast just look up in the sky in the mornings wherever the sun rises. Not with your eyes!!! Try an older model iPhone or older iPad mini if you can get a hold of one. I have tried to capture this thing with my sony, canon and even the cameras of friends  with no luck. If you have no iPad around you will need a few infrared lens filters to see it as a red ball next to a bigger red ball (YAWN!). You can buy the same infrared filters for about $30 bucks on Amazon. Once you have that all you need is a  camera (of nearly any kind) and it should work.

My Infrared Sun through the trees

My Infrared Sun through the trees

I’m not too happy with my cheapo infrared lens thingy but it’s cool. I got to see something new, regardless.

So yeah, it’s up there and I’m watching…hope I shouldn’t be running away instead!