VB Speaks – My Last Work of Lust On Film

Answering the question – What was my last adult film and when was it created. Warning- you may not like the answer to this one unless you like the other stuff that I’m known for! LOL

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Enter – The Cosmic Diva


With all of the stuff going on in the sky I decided to share some of my sky-art-photos in a brand new blog! If you’re into things other than my huge tits check out my new spot for solar & lunar photography and videos along with a few tips on what’s happening over our heads!

Astronomy is pretty deep and time consuming since there is so much to learn but I’m a curious one so I want to capture and share as much as our new weather will allow.

I’ve been doing a ton of research and trying to learn more about the life outside of earth that I simply couldn’t post it all here since DominaX.com was not intended for that. Comets, asteroids, planetary changes, polar shifting and so much more is happening that I can’t help but to notice, and I want to share news and visuals with the interested ones.

-Not to mention, I think it’d be sweet if I was able to capture something truly amazing!

Warning: If galactic anomalies, man-made constellations, weather modification and space rocks whizzing by the earth freak you out, DO NOT visit this site.


Click the image to visit The Cosmic Diva now!

Once you wake up you will never sleep again.