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Imagination for Ejaculation

Although I know this would have been a financially fruitless idea, if I ever had a magazine publishing house I would’ve made mags like Oprah!

Same face, different poses with zero concern for the consideration of other models being featured on the cover of my book! LOL!

Could you imagine seeing these covers next to Vogue, Nat Geo or Popular Science while being stuck in a long checkout line?

Would you unapologetically browse through a few pages while being judged by the soccer moms or bathe in the fear of ridicule and deny yourself a peek inside?



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Injection of Correction 5

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Dear Hubby,

These days you seem less excited about things between us. You say you don’t want to be treated like my little fuck toy?

Well, I used to feel that way too when you were the bigger one. But now, it’s just the other way around. Now it’s the woman who’s bigger! You’re the small one now, so it’s my turn to be in charge! That means I can just take what I want from you, anytime I want it! Your little ass is going to be my toy whenever I want! But don’t worry. I’ll make you learn to love your new position in life. Now you can watch me lift weights, you can spend more money on my new wardrobe and you can also enjoy the VBBC love shower as I spray you with my monster cock every night from here on out! You wanted a big and beautiful wife, you pushed your male agenda on me and tried to mold me into what you wanted.

You failed once I realized your plan and grew even bigger than you wanted! Now I’m ALL WOMAN and you’ve become the little man with a new reality centered around being my domesticated sex toy. Don’t resist…if you know what’s good for you!

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Gifts For the Goddess – Furry Lust

Your Goddess loves gifts, gift cards and tributes!


If the gift is right I will even take the time to say thank you!

Unless your gift is too small for words…



Translation: Keep your tiny cock inside your pants for now and let’s get naughty with your wallet!


A wonderful gift such as this requires a gif or two to show my appreciation!

You know who you are and I Thank You Dear Luv and I will wear your gift with a smile as big as my tits!

Inside the Weiner’s Circle

I love laughing AT some of you.

I love laughing WITH some of you.

The rest of you need to figure out how to get into the Weiners Circle!

If you don’t know who Triumph the Insult Dog is please double-fist your funny bone and learn all about the funniest dog on the planet!

Warning: This is so outrageous please don’t watch this while trying to eat or drink!



If you enjoyed that one watch even more of this amazing dog!

Watch them all because you deserve the healthy benefits of a few hours of laughter. The playlist below has enough videos to get you through the entire weekend. And the sweet pain from your laughing belly and smiling cheeks will be my gift to you- Enjoy