Models Unwanted – VB Storytime

Sometimes hiring a model to work in the adult world can be kind of crazy. People com from all walks of life and the majority of them have more than a few unrealistic expectations (Dreams) about how things work when they walk through the doors of entertainment! Watch and learn how to NOT be hired if you decide to try it for yourself!

Big Ass OG or Big Booty Remixed?

Since I’m kinda busy with personal stuff today I wanted to share another vibe with all of you!

A bit of an oldie versus a lot of a newbie! Personally, I’m not very fond of remixing great music but there are indeed times when it’s TOTALLY ok to ruin a perfectly good song!

One example is the famous “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot later turned into “Anaconda”, the ultimate big booty anthem courtesy of Nicki Minaj!

Check out both and see which version you like more!

Sir Mix-A-Lot (Original)

Nicki Minaj (Remix) a.k.a “Anaconda”

*watch this version in HD fullscreen…seriously. Just do it.

Don’t ask me who’s my fav, I refuse to pick either one I love them both!

Never Forget…Real Music

I woke up this morning with a few songs heavy in my head and I thought I’d share my mental musical mashup with you!







Let us never forget, once in this world there was some really great music that we could all enjoy…

We took it for granted and look what we have to deal with now? Can you imagine being 90 with some of these current artists trapped in your memories. Who wants to label todays lyrical garbage as the ‘music of our lives’?  The thought makes my ears bleed.

Sorry for the musical downer, but I had to share.

Now go download one of my videos from or or so that we can help each other feel better!



Crazy Hot Bitches

Women have been crazy for men since the beginning of time and it should be no shocker that we could be driven to the point of deadly revenge over some great dick! Below are a few videos of killer-crazy bitches who also just happen to be hot!


This first Queen is super cute but I’m guessing she didn’t feel so pretty after the entire planet got to see her feminine rage! I’m not against punishment for the bad behavior of any man, but whatever this guy did was obviously bad enough that she wanted him HURT! He must’ve flipped her weave backwards in bed….LOL!



This one is a loud one so watch your speakers guys! This poor guys wife is throwing a pure tantrum over not being able to go to the lake on their day off. Whining, screaming and crying because she can’t have a bit on one day instead of auto maintenance is crazy but it seems like he’s antagonizing her a little bit too…


On the train, tensions can be high as people rush to and from their places of work and comfort. This crazy bitch attacks her boyfriend who takes the abuse all in stride. She’s going to jail for sure, but she doesn’t go down without a fight!



Drugs are bad….mmmmmmkay?! This lady was smoking some serious shit. She seems possessed by the devil and ready to snap at any moment. Now I do not agree with hitting a woman, ever! But this lady probably sobered up once the poor male victim got up to defend himself! And if you’re wondering how this ended, the courts fined both of these people $500 bucks for their behavior! Crazy huh?


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